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Mass Luminosity Announces SAMI Connect

Mass Luminosity announced today details on a new telecommunications service named, SAMI Connect. Thousands of premium GTribe members will soon be able to make free international phone to phone calls to landlines, mobiles and VOIP carriers worldwide.

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Mass Luminosity Releases Virtual Assistant Browser Extension

Mass Luminosity, announced that it has released the world’s first browser extension Virtual Assistant AI with True Voice activation and sensitivity control for recognition. SAMI is now available as a Chrome browser extension that can run in the background, even when the browser is closed. Furthermore, Mass Luminosity has implemented True Voice activation, preventing the AI from processing any voice or speech data until it’s activated with the expression “Hey SAMI.”

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Mass Luminosity Releases Mobile Apps for GTribe

Mass Luminosity, a Dallas based initiator of community experiences that manages large social media channels, and is also parent company to the social network GTribe, announced that it had released its first iOS app for GTribe and updated its recently released Android app.

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