Mass Luminosity launches BEAM®

Mass Luminosity launches BEAM®

Posted 12 weeks ago

Dallas, TX / April 24, 2024 / Today, Mass Luminosity launched BEAM®, a next generation live streaming platform.

BEAM has launched with several unique features, and it’s the first streaming platform to natively support HD restreaming to over twenty streaming platforms. That way if a streamer has an audience on another platform, they don't have to leave them behind or ask them to move. Instead, they can continue engaging with them while they attract new followers and subscribers on BEAM.

BEAM Premium is $3.95 a month, but LOCK’DIN Beverages is paying the subscription for up to 10,000 channels, and hosting Saturday Loot Drops of their plant-based natural drinks.

In the next few weeks, BEAM will release more advanced features that will help revolutionize the way streamers engage with their audience and their audience engages with them.

Our goal is to democratize streaming in ways never seen before, where all creators have an opportunity to excel.


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