LOCK'DIN announces Partnership with Mass Luminosity

LOCK'DIN announces Partnership with Mass Luminosity

Posted 13 weeks ago

GLENDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2024 / Labor Smart, Inc. (OTC PINK:LTNC) through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Next Gen Beverages, maker of performance drink brand LOCK'DIN, is thrilled to announce its entry into the expanding E-gaming and video game streaming markets through an exciting new partnership with Mass Luminosity's BEAM, a next-generation streaming platform. Mass Luminosity is well known for its "GTribe" social platform, a global community for video gamers that has amassed over 6.1 million users.

As the first official launch partner of BEAM, LOCK'DIN will be featured to members as the performance beverage of choice and is poised to make a significant impact upon the platform's anticipated launch on April 24th, 2024. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology and visionary leadership of BEAM, LOCK'DIN is eager to showcase its innovative performance beverages to the ever-growing community of E-gaming enthusiasts. This collaboration positions the company at the forefront of innovation and connectivity within these rapidly expanding sectors.

Angel Munoz, the founder of BEAM, brings unparalleled expertise and experience to this partnership. Widely regarded as the "father of E-sports," Munoz's pioneering efforts in establishing the first league and hosting live competitive events have cemented his legacy as a driving force within the industry. LOCK'DIN is honored to align with Munoz and his visionary platform, benefiting from his knowledge and extensive network of industry relationships.

Reflecting on this exciting partnership, Tom Zarro, Interim CEO and Board member, expresses enthusiasm for the enhanced exposure and branding opportunities it presents, stating, "We are excited to embark on this journey with BEAM and Angel Munoz. The opportunity to showcase our products within the rapidly growing segment of gaming is truly remarkable, and we look forward to the mutual success and innovation that this collaboration will bring."

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Mass Luminosity was launched in 2011 as a global research, development and technology company seamlessly integrating humans into augmented environments, like GTribe, Beacon MAX and BEAM. Mass Luminosity’s primary website is located at MassLuminosity.com

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