Beacon Technologies Raises Capital to Fuel Growth

Beacon Technologies Raises Capital to Fuel Growth

Posted 100 weeks ago

Beacon Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of next-generation audio visual communication solutions, today announced it has launched a $5 million funding exercise and entered into a Series A agreement being led by 1414 Ventures of Boston, Massachusetts.

This investment will fuel the company's explosive growth and help with ongoing hiring efforts, scaling software offerings and bolstering strategic partnership opportunities for its primary product Beacon, a private, secure, next-generation visual and voice communications service. Beacon's state-of-the-art encryption guards communication, ensuring confidentiality and protecting sensitive discussions. 1414 Ventures is leading the investment syndicate and has made an initial investment.

Howard Hall, partner and co-founder of 1414 Ventures, said, "We are confident that Beacon's video conferencing platform heralds the next generation of privacy and security in consumer and enterprise communications. The Beacon team are driving the future of secure video interactions."

Four principles set Beacon apart from other communication platforms. First is simplicity with a focus on a superior user experience. Second is speed to connection. Third is a soaring visual experience compared to other video communication platforms. Fourth is ironclad security.

Angel Munoz, founder and President of Beacon Technologies, added, "We created Beacon with the goal of restoring natural communication and eliminating spying of private interactions by incorporating advanced encryption and security."

"After seven months of due diligence, we're pleased that we've met the strict requirements for a direct investment from 1414 Ventures and thrilled that they've chosen to lead the syndication of our Series A round. We're almost ready to launch our paid version of Beacon and take the world by storm with our unparalleled security, unsurpassed video quality and ultra-simple UI. We believe that Beacon has no true competition in the marketplace."

About Beacon Technologies

Beacon Technologies, Inc. is subsidiary of Mass Luminosity, Inc., which was launched in 2010 as a global research, development and technology company. Mass Luminosity is well known for its niche social network GTribe, with over 5.6 million members from 190 countries. All companies are led by founder and CEO Angel Munoz, who spearheaded the global esports industry when he launched the world's first professional league for gamers. For more information on Beacon, visit

About 1414 Ventures

1414 Ventures is focused solely on the digital identity space that supports functions such as payments, cybersecurity and data privacy & trust. Given the exponential surge in virtual and digital transactions/interactions over the last year combined with increased security, fraud prevention and privacy needs, there is a huge opportunity for next-generation digital identity startups.

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