Beacon surpasses half a million users worldwide in its first five months

Beacon surpasses half a million users worldwide in its first five months

Posted 135 weeks ago

Beacon®, a revolutionary audiovisual communications platform, reached a significant milestone within the first five months of its launch, surpassing 500,000 users worldwide for its BeaconX video conferencing service. Six years in the making, Beacon has revolutionized the online communication industry with its state-of-the-art features, including superior encryption and security protocols unlike any other video conferencing platform.

Recently reviewed by Air Mail, Beacon is referenced as “Zoom killer” due to its “startlingly sharp” picture that makes users feel like they are in the same room. Since its inception, privacy has been a top priority with the creation of Beacon, which is why the program provides each user with a unique link that is simple to use with just one click on a web browser, making it accessible to everyone from students to CEOs. With constant updates, Beacon is continuously improving itself on its mission to be the best video conferencing platform in the world. The first major update, Beacon 2.0, will be launching in a few weeks.

“The first time you try Beacon, you may well gasp,” said award-winning Air Mail technology writer, Jonathan Margolis, “[The image] has a color saturation that makes it look luminous, almost 3D. The audio is clear and natural.”

The technology behind Beacon stems from the augmented reality seen in video games, making the experience as real and natural as possible. Unlike other video conferencing platforms that contain significant freezes and audio hiccups, Beacon provides users with a consistent seamless connection. In addition, Beacon offers instant reconnection, Ultra HD video, 3D binaural audio, widescreen aspect ratio, higher resolution and frames per second, saturated color palette, and a plethora of interactive tools.

“The positive response to Beacon in such a short time has far exceeded our expectations,” Mass Luminosity Founder and CEO Angel Munoz said. “Beacon has been years in the making, but that doesn’t stop us from making more improvements to provide the best, most innovative experience for our users. Beacon will continue to get better from here, with our launch of Beacon PLUS and Beacon MAX next year.”

The newer version, Beacon PLUS, is set to launch in early 2022, which comes with several groundbreaking features, including an AI assistant. Priced at $4.95 a month, it also includes unlimited, UHD 4K calls with up to 30 participants. Along with Beacon PLUS, Beacon MAX will be launching with the ability to host crystal-clear calls with up to 100 participants.

About Mass Luminosity (Creator of Beacon)

Beacon Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mass Luminosity, Inc., which was launched in 2011 as a global research, development and technology company seamlessly integrating people into augmented environments. Mass Luminosity is known for its gaming social network, GTribe, with over five million members. Mass Luminosity is led by its founder and CEO, Angel Munoz, who joined the videogame industry in 1995 after a career in investment banking. Munoz spearheaded the global esports industry by launching the world’s first professional league for video gamers. For more information, visit and for more information on Beacon visit


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