Mass Luminosity Announces BEAM

Mass Luminosity Announces BEAM

Posted 167 weeks ago

Mass Luminosity, Inc., a Dallas-based research, development and technology experiential company, today announced BEAM, a next generation streaming engine built exclusively for the Beacon video communication platform that will help usher a new era of interconnectivity for live streams.

Some of the unique features of BEAM include live interactive chats, click zooming on an individual stream, click-magnification and even multiple camera views selectable by viewers. When paired with the upcoming Beacon Marketplace, BEAM will have built-in support for paid events and event ticket services.

BEAM launches later this year initially supporting 100,000 concurrent interactive viewers, and can display real-time streams on smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, television browsers, and automobile browsers.

“BEAM is a revolutionary live streaming engine,” said Teodor Atroshenko, SVP of Technology, Mass Luminosity. “Viewer experience and control options are unlike anything else. BEAM will have monetization and production tools designed to drive engagement between streamers and viewers. We expect BEAM to radically enhance live streaming for creators both small and large.”

“I am thrilled that with BEAM we’re able to add new streaming solutions to Beacon, and soon allow 100,000 viewers on one session,” said Angel Munoz, CEO, Mass Luminosity. “This will open more opportunities for Beacon and will allow us to offer a full spectrum of enterprise solutions.”

Mass Luminosity is launching a BEAM beta trial in March exclusively for users of Beacon. To sign up join Beacon.

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