BEAM Releases Details on LOCK'DIN Partnership

BEAM Releases Details on LOCK'DIN Partnership

Posted 12 weeks ago

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2024 / BEAM, a next-generation streaming platform, today released more details on the launch partnership with LOCK'DIN Beverages, an innovative line of Hydrogen-Rich Waters, Nootropic Drinks and Augmented Coffee.

BEAM will have two levels of streaming membership: Basic - with free simple features, and Premium - with advanced features. The advanced features include:

  • High Bitrate 16 Mbps
  • High Resolutions
  • Native HD Restreaming
  • Desktop App w/ Unified Multi-platform Chats
  • Multi-pane Streaming™ Technology
  • Increased Number of Recordings
  • Enhanced Stream Analytics
  • Special Promotions
  • Exclusive Channel Sponsor Opportunities
  • Reduced Fees on Subscriptions and Donations
  • AI multi-streams™ (Coming Soon)
  • Live Channel Translation (Coming Soon)
  • Advanced Production Tools (Coming Soon)

The premium version of BEAM is $3.95 a month. LOCK'DIN has agreed to sponsor up to 10,000 BEAM premium streaming channels during the first month of BEAM's launch. In exchange, all of the sponsored channels will air a short video promotion of the LOCK'DIN nootropic drinks.

Additionally, on Saturday, April 27th LOCK'DIN will sponsor the first ever "BEAM Stream Day" and offer streamers free cases of LOCK'DIN nootropic beverages to power their gaming experiences. A second BEAM Stream Day with LOCK'DIN has been scheduled for Saturday, May 4th.

To top this incredible partnership, the BEAM community will also receive special codes to purchase LOCK'DIN drinks at a discount.

BEAM's primary focus is on bringing new advanced tools and sponsorship opportunities to streamers from all over the world. The BEAM launch is scheduled for 4.24.24.

About BEAM

BEAM®, a property of Mass Luminosity, is a next-generation streaming platform that will usher a new era of interactivity for livestreams. Viewer experience and control options are unlike anything else. BEAM will have built-in monetization and production tools designed to drive engagement between streamers and viewers. Sign up for the waiting list at


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