Mass Luminosity Announces Infralinx to Raise Capital

Mass Luminosity Announces Infralinx to Raise Capital

Posted 26 weeks ago

Mass Luminosity, a global research, technology and experiential company, proudly announces that North Point Mergers & Acquisitions has joined forces with Infralinx to complete an ongoing private placement and raise additional capital for Mass Luminosity’s new Beacon® platform.

Beacon is a revolutionary video and voice communication platform bringing security, quality and simplicity to video and voice communications. Created with a mission to enhance natural communication, Beacon’s state-of-the-art encryption safeguards all communication, ensuring confidentiality and protecting identity. As competing conferencing services and social media networks are scrutinized for lack of privacy, Beacon's focus is on users' privacy, security and safety. Launching in fall 2021, Beacon offers fast and continuous connections, 3D audio, Ultra HD video, free unlimited call time, and a plethora of interactive tools.

“We interact daily with many communications and commerce systems. The clarity and security of these solutions are paramount to our effectiveness and success. We are privileged to represent Mass Luminosity, which has developed Beacon—a proprietary, next-generation, fully integrated communication, commerce, and streaming platform that delivers a private, secure, in-the-room experience. We are using it ourselves, and it has materially enhanced our impact,” says Richard Ornitz, chairman of Infralinx.

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