Mass Luminosity Announces SAMI Connect

Mass Luminosity Announces SAMI Connect

Posted 96 weeks ago

Mass Luminosity, a Dallas based initiator of community experiences that manages large social media channels, and is also parent company to a social media network, named GTribe, announced today details on a new telecommunications service named, SAMI Connect.

Thousands of premium GTribe members will soon be able to make free international phone to phone calls to landlines, mobiles and VOIP carriers worldwide. The call recipient does not need to install any software or application, as the call is processed by SAMI (Socially Advanced Machine Intelligence) and will connect any two phones regardless of location.

Currently in closed-beta testing, SAMI Connect is expected to be released in mid-April 2018 initially only to LUX members who will receive free international long distance service for life.

“Bringing People Together is Mass Luminosity‘s motto and mission goal,” said Teodor Atroshenko, Senior Vice President of Technology for Mass Luminosity. “Today we’ve revealed the first phase of how we are leveraging artificial intelligence with existing communication networks to accomplish our goal. We will soon reveal more details related to our new technology that we believe will put us on the cutting-edge of global telecommunication augmented by AI.”

From its launch in 2014, Mass Luminosity’s GTribe has evolved from an entity purely focused on social networking to an overarching technology company possessing a worldwide audience within its own social network.

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