Wheelhouse Marketing & PR Acquires Interest in Mass Luminosity

Fort Worth based agency Wheelhouse Marketing & PR has acquired an interest in Mass Luminosity, a Dallas based initiator of global engagement and community experiences that manages large social media channels and is also the parent company of GTribe. With continued roll-outs from Mass Luminosity’s GTribe on advanced social media technologies, Wheelhouse Marketing & PR owners Kell and Julie Curtis along with Mass Luminosity’s founder and CEO, Angel Munoz decided that a collaboration in bringing a hybrid offering to market would be the next big step.

Early in the relationship, Wheelhouse PR conducted a full asset evaluation of the potential value of the GTribe social network to a prospective brand. After realizing the true metric capabilities of the platform, Wheelhouse PR has been hard at work creating unique lifestyle brand opportunities within the environment of the GTribe global community. With the rapid growth of the social platform and the quality of the users, the partners began to realize that a more strategic relationship could yield an amplified and quality experience for brands.

“Together, we are now able to create powerful marketing strategies, with committed internal teams: marketing minds meet technology minds, to elevate platform opportunities and better deliver quality campaigns to brand partners,” said Julie Curtis. “We couldn’t be happier in partnering with a visionary who shares our vision for better integrated relationships.”

The combined, concerted effort in continuing to build more custom and enhanced brand partnerships will be the future in delivering truly integrated messaging that appeals to the GTribe community, and defines results for brand partners, both inside, and outside the platform. “We are thrilled to elevate our relationship with Wheelhouse to the next level,” said Angel Munoz. “We are planning to effectively combine our core competencies and provide the most powerful global experiences for brands and consumers alike.”