GTribe Provides Partnering Brands with Deeper Insights into Brand Health

Dallas, TX based GTribe, a global social media network geared specifically for tech savvy gamers, announces a new artificial intelligence reporting system - The Oracle.

Created by parent company Mass Luminosity, Inc., The Oracle was developed to better understand the behavior and interests of the members of the GTribe community. This proprietary A.I. augmented system helps track brand perception trends, product adoption and forecast market trends and opportunities within the GTribe social network. The introduction of The Oracle’s A.I. technology further strengthens the analysis of brand perceptions and product acquisitions, and alerts partnering companies about the health of their brands in real time. Most importantly, The Oracle can forecast brand and product trends and recommend timed actions to help brands better communicate to their audience while simultaneously better assuring GTribe members that their voices are being heard in the industry.

“The success of our partnering brands is priority,” states Founder and President Angel Munoz, “and The Oracle is the next step evolution to help enhance brand health within our community. By using a support trend line, much like in financial analysis, the A.I. technology helps us be proactive in determining the best time to initiate promotions and other brand enhancement actions.”