STEIGER Becomes Global Sponsor of Gaming Tribe

Mass Luminosity announced that STEIGER DYNAMICS, an award-winning Living Room PC manufacturer, has become a global sponsor of Gaming Tribe, a dynamic social media network primarily focused on PC gamers and technology enthusiasts. STEIGER DYNAMICS will feature their full line of ultra sleek and silent, custom-built gaming Home Theater PCs at Gaming Tribe, and has launched a new corporate Page on Gaming Tribe at:

“I am extremely happy that we have the opportunity to sponsor Gaming Tribe, one of the finest and most active PC enthusiast communities in the world,” said Martin Gossner, CEO of STEIGER DYNAMICS. “Our Gaming Tribe page will provide answers to all Living Room PC related questions for both DIY projects and our own line of products.”

“We are excited to welcome STEIGER DYNAMICS to our community,” said Kimberly Vizurraga, SVP of Mass Luminosity. “We look forward to showcasing their beautiful high-end HTPC’s, as their rigorous approach to design details and performance standards are exactly what our audience expects.”