Mass Luminosity Unleashes Gaming Tribe v3.0

Mass Luminosity today announced that it has launched version 3.0 of its social media network for gamers called Gaming Tribe.

"Gaming Tribe v3.0 is not just an update, it's an entirely new experience," said Andrew Slane, VP Online Operations at Mass Luminosity. "We've enhanced member profiles and given each member their own public profile page. We've implemented an intuitive and simple privacy system, giving each member precise control over what they're able to share with the public. We've developed a powerful status and hashtag system that allows for interactive discussions between community members and sponsors. We've given each Gaming Tribe sponsor their own page where they can interact directly with the Gaming Tribe community. We've developed a powerful messaging system, GT Messenger, capable of fast and powerful communication between community members. And last but not least, we've began compiling a comprehensive database of games, for both PC and consoles."

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