Kinguin Becomes Global Sponsor of Gaming Tribe

Mass Luminosity announced today that Kinguin Limited, one of the world’s largest online markets for buyers and sellers of video games, has become a global sponsor of Gaming Tribe, the world’s first curated social media network primarily focused on PC gamers and technology enthusiasts. Kinguin will feature some of the most anticipated gaming titles for Gaming Tribe’s popular global giveaways, and will provide special offers to Gaming Tribe members. Additionally, Kinguin has launched a new corporate Page on Gaming Tribe located at:

“Kinguin is proud to partner with Mass Luminosity and Gaming Tribe and we look forward to connecting with every member of this loyal and active community. We are excited about the opportunity to provide this community a reliable and trustworthy marketplace for gamers to purchase games at an affordable price and continuing to improve our services in response to community feedback and interests,” said Richard Hung, Sr. Marketing Specialist for Kinguin.

“We are thrilled to welcome Kinguin to our community as they have quickly established themselves as a formidable contender in the gaming retail space. Through their innovative distribution platform, gaming event sponsorships, and the expansion of content partners, Kinguin clearly demonstrates their commitment to the gaming community,” said Kimberly Vizurraga, SVP of Mass Luminosity. “We look forward to working with Kinguin for the continued benefit of our Gaming Tribe global community.”