AMD Renews Top Sponsorship of Gaming Tribe

Mass Luminosity and AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced the extension of AMD’s top sponsorship of Gaming Tribe, the world’s first social media network primarily focused on PC gamers and technology enthusiasts.

AMD has extended its participation in Mass Luminosity's popular social media promotional campaigns through the entirety of 2015, and will continue to collaborate with Mass Luminosity to expand its presence within its large community of gamers.

"Mass Luminosity and Gaming Tribe continue to be our key social media partners in the gaming sector,” said Peter Ross, Senior Marketing Manager, AMD Gaming Strategy. “In just a year, Gaming Tribe has become a large and highly engaged worldwide community, and has assisted us in attracting new fans to our products and services. We look forward to another exciting year of collaboration and partnership.”

“We are very excited to have AMD as a leading community sponsor for the fourth consecutive year,” said Angel Munoz, founder and CEO, Mass Luminosity. “For the start AMD has provided us with strategic support, and we’re thrilled that they continue to find value in their leading sponsorship role of our community.”