Kingston Becomes a Sponsor of Mass Luminosity

Dallas, Texas - Mass Luminosity, Inc., today announced that Kingston Technology, the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products, has become a global sponsor of the Mass Luminosity community and a marketing partner in Mass Luminosity's social media promotional campaigns primarily directed at PC gamers from all over the world. To this end, Kingston will significantly increase its support of Mass Luminosity's HyperX promotions throughout the year and intensify its engagement with the Mass Luminosity community of gamers.

"Kingston Technology is proud to work with Mass Luminosity to further spread the word about HyperX high-performance memory," said Annie Leung, HyperX marketing manager at Kingston. "Gamers, enthusiasts, overclockers and content creators have come to trust the HyperX name since beginning 10 years ago. Together with Mass Luminosity, we can engage, interact and give back to our community through exciting promotions and events."